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The Trek from Troy

The following Genographic Project Heat Map shows the latest locations of my Paternal Line Concentrations for my Haplogroup U152. The color red shows higher concentrations than the yellow shades. The map also show the possible movement of this group from Africa to Europe. I added the white dots to provide an alternative movement that would tie in the Northern African areas between Spain and Italy. This area coincides with the location of ancient Carthage (Tunisia).

Carthage was founded as a colony of Phoenicia (Lebanon). My DNA Heat Map has no evidence of being located in that area. The most probable explanation is that it either moved across the northern coast of Africa, or as historical legend tells us, we arrived from Troy on our way to found Rome. Julius Caesar entered Gaul with his army in 58 BCE and had it conquered by 51 BCE. Troops were left behind in garrisons throughout Gaul, Spain and England. It was normal for a soldier to settle in the area of the garrison upon leaving the army.

Trek to Troy

Gaul was made up of present day France, Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, parts of Northern Italy, as well as parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the Rhine. By the time Caesar arrived, Gaul was settled by Celtic tribes from central Germany. The area became a mixture of Roman and Celtic culture until about 450 AD, when the Franks (A confederation of Germanic tribes from the Lower and Middle Rhine area) conquered Gaul.

In the 800s AD, the Vikings raided and eventually settled in the Normandy area. Their descendents became know as Normans and they created the Duchy of Normandy in 911 AD. This seems to be the area where the latest Casaults can be traced.

Base on the DNA mapping, one can see the reason for the diversity of the bloodline. Whether we came from Troy of took the northern route and became Celts, one can see the reason for the wide ranging spread of the Cazeaults.


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