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  • This family tree and history was the work of Michel Caseault, a cousin from Quebec, who also collaborated with other relatives in Ohio, Idaho, Washington, Ontario and France.

  • Recently I met Father Philip Salois who resides inNorth Smithfield, RI. His Great Grandfather is the same as mine, Charles Casault. He has also done research into our family tree and supplied me with G6 and G7.

  • There is more of the family history that needs to be researched.


Married: 1971
Richard Cazeault (1946- ) Webster, MA to Anne Stefanak (1946- ) Douglas, MA

Married: 1945
Father: David Cazeault (1919-96) Oxford, MA to Mother: Adele Cyganiewicz (1918-91) Dudley, MA

Married: 1907
Grandfather: Arthur Cazeault (1883-1953) Acton Vale, Bagot, Quebec
Grandmother: Georgianna Donais (1886-1970) Millbury, MA


Married: 1874
G1Grandfather: Charles Casault (1846-1935) St-Simon, Bagot, Quebec
G1Grandmother: Lecsanobina Marrion (1859-1890) Acton Vale, Bagot, Quebec
Last Wife: Marie Magnant

Married: 1840
G2Grandfather: Joseph Casault (1812-1903) St-Vallier, Bellechasse, Quebec
G2Grandmother: Sophie Lemieux (1819-1905) St-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Married: 1804
G3Grandfather: Jean-Baptiste Louis Casault (1781-1850) Montmagny, Quebec
G3Grandmother: Magdeleine Mathieu (1783-1860) St-Simon, Bagot, Quebec

Married: 1767
G4Grandfather: Jean-Baptiste Casault
(1734-1822) St-Pierre-Langers, Manche, FR
G4Grandmother: Rosalie Michon
(1749-1820) Montmagny, Quebec

This was the first Grandfather to settle in North America in 1759. He was well known Navigator living in the area of St-Pierre Langers France and most likely sailed from the nearby port of St-Malo (Home of Jacques Cartier, who explored the
St. Lawrence River area during the early 1500's). Jean-Baptiste probably arrived in May of 1759 just after the ice broke on the St. Lawrence River. HIs ship consisted of a contingent of 20 vessels that avoided the British blockade of the river. They surprised the Brittish by arriving that early in the season.. After the defeat of Quebec City on the Plains of Abraham, his ship would have been captured by the British and he would have been stranded in New Canada. More research is on going.

The house he built in 1767 is still standing and is a National Historic Monument.


For more info and pictures of the house CLICK HERE for the site or click on PDF File.

The site translation is:

Quick Description:
The house Casault and dairy are erected between 1767 and 1806 by Jean-Baptiste Casault, the first family arrived in America in 1759.

Long Description:
"The house Casault and dairy were built between 1767 and 1806. The stone residence with a rectangular plan and a floor and a half, was built in two stages. Plastered and wainscoted, she wears a sharp gable roof eaves rights courts. Dairy is a small square plastered stone topped by a pavilion roof. The house and Casault dairy amounted to an open field, on the farm, in the municipality of Montmagny.

Historical Information:
The house is lying in the longitudinal axis and remodeled in the neoclassical spirit in the course of the nineteenth century . The Casault family leaves the house in 1835, and the remains pass through several hands before being bought in 1905 by Louis-Joseph Casault, descendant of the first occupant. Celebrations of the bicentenary of the Casault families took place there in 1959. A native of Normandy, the navigator Jean-Baptiste Casault arrived in Canada in 1759.

Several important personalities were born in the house Casault.


Louis-Jacques Casault (1808-1862) and
founded the Université Laval in 1852 and was its first rector.

CLICK HERE for his Biography site or click on PDF File.

Note: This would have been the Brother of our Great-Great Grandfather Joseph, or our Great-Great Great Uncle Louis..

Louis-Napoléon Casault (1822-1908) distinguished himself in the field of law and politics before becoming Chief Justice of the Province of Quebec. Louis-Adolphe Casault (1832-1876) was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff of the Canadian militia, after an outstanding military career. "


Married: 1730
G5Grandfather: Barnabe (Bernard) Casault (1709-1758) St-Pierre-Langers, Manche, FR
G5Grandmother: Francoise Pestour (1710-1736) Normandy, FR

Married: 170_?
G6Grandfather: Jean-Baptiste Casault (1684-1751) Normandy, FR?
G6Grandmother: Elisabeth Yon (16??-17??) FR?

Married: 16__?
G7Grandfather: Francois Casault (1654-1694) Normandy, FR?
G7Grandmother: Unknown

An Earlier History? (Research done in France by the Casault Family)

A possible earlier spelling of our name could be Caso with an origin possibly back to ancient Rome? If so, did the original members march into Gaul with Julius Caesar during 58-51 BCE and intermingle with the Gauls during garrison duty and eventually adapt the spelling of the name to a local variation?

Many people mistake the Romans as having Italian lineage. Legend and some history tell another story. Around 1200 BCE, when the ancient Greeks were conquering, and then destroying, the ancient city of Troy (Remember Helen of Troy in Homer’s Iliad?), a group of Trojans led by a prince, named Aeneas, escaped into the Mediterranean Sea using about 100 ships. One of their stops was at the North African city of Carthage. From there they went to their destiny which is now Rome. They conquered the inhabitants and formed the Rome and Julio-Claudian dynasty. Virgil’s Aeneid traces this flight and the eventual founding of Rome. Julius Caesar’s family claimed that he was descent from Venus through Aeneas’s son Iulus.

Why do I think this is a possible scenario?

Based on my National Geographic GenoGraphic Project results, I believe this is a possibility. The resultant map shows a distribution of the Cazeault DNA throughout Northern Africa (Carthage), Eastern Turkey (Troy), Russia and Europe (Italy and France or Gaul), including the United Kingdom. Again, this is based on an historical legend. This could be distinct possibility. Click on the Trojan Helmet for more information include the Genographic Project results.

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