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On June 13th, 2015 the paddle wheeler call the "INDIAN PRINCESS" was launched in Webster, MA on
and had its' first shakedown cruise on June 18th. The vessel is now available for excursions and other events from INDIAN RANCH.

The boat is a replica of a 1800’s steam powered paddle driven riverboat. In place of steam a modern diesel propulsion system is used. The boat is safe (Coast Guard Approved), quiet, and environmentally friendly. The boat has the capacity to carry up to 125 passengers and can be used for excursions, functions, and tours on the Lake.

The Indian Princess was built by Skipperliner in 2000 and traveled down the Mississippi to a lake in Tennessee until 2012, when it was purchased by Indian Ranch. From Tennessee the Princess traveled the Mississippi and Alabama river systems to the Gulf of Mexico and to Ft. Myers, FL. On April 28, 2013 it left Ft. Myers and crossed Florida using the canal system and traveled up the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Princess arrived at Noank, Connecticut on June 9 2013. The next day she arrived at Barrington, Rhode Island and was prepared for shipment overland to Webster. Due to some regulatory problems, the Princess did not leave Rhode Island until the summer of 2014. Finally on September 16, 2014 she arrived at Indian Ranch and was backed into place next to the Lake for assembly..

The Lake, which is world famous for its name, is an underutilized natural resource, with limited public access, unless you own a boat or are a lake front property owner. The Indian Princess will allow access to the public and be accessible to the handicapped.

One hundred years ago there were up to 5 excursion boats, carrying up to 300 people, offering public access to Webster Lake. Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester had at least one tour boat. Today, there are none in Worcester County. One hundred years ago, times and the economy were different. Southern Worcester County had a thriving textile, shoe, metal working, and ice industry. The other main economic factor was tourism, because of the Lake. Webster had three major hotels; today there are none.

Over the years there were a series of Famous Boats that traveled on the Lake. Unfortunately, none are left.
The Indian Princess will carry on this tradition into the 21st Century..

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